CBD and the LGBTQ+ Community

Praise for CBD’s many medicinal and therapeutic benefits is no secret today, but how is it influencing the community itself? Creating a pathway of connection and support, it lightens the load for people in more ways than initially realized. As LGBTQ+ folx, we also see CBD & cannabis show up as its own ally.

This community has historically and systemically experienced a lot of prejudice for simply embodying our authentic selves. Some endure daily trauma because of who they are, and some don’t have reliable resources or a safe space. Unfortunately, this often extends into the healthcare system. Being taken seriously as patients sometimes take a backseat to bigotry. Awareness is, fortunately, changing this; but it hasn’t always been that way, and change takes time.

For those in need, an herb to help support the healing process and soothe various symptoms is more than just an herb. It’s a trusted friend. With the availability of CBD spreading like wildfire, people now have countless and affordable options. At the same time, there’s a greater need for education and the ability to spot quality products.

This gives us an amazing opportunity to start a conversation we can keep going, as this industry molds and expands. We can ask each other questions. Not only about the companies we’re using, but also about our health, our thoughts, our lives. CBD may directly impact us as individuals, but it also indirectly impacts how we relate to one another.

What’s your anxiety been like since adding CBD to your life?

How are those usually-racing thoughts?

What were you able to do today that felt easier?

Do you enjoy the brand you’re using?

How has communing with this plant and taking CBD helped you relax into the comfort of yourself?

Do you feel safe?

How is your heart, friend?

Let’s start a dialogue and help each other feel seen.

Written by Erica DeLoach for Cannapride