The LGBTQIA+ community has historically and systemically experienced a lot of prejudice for simply embodying our authentic selves.

Some endure daily trauma because of who we are. Some don’t have reliable resources or a safe space. Being taken seriously can take a backseat to bigotry. Awareness fortunately changes this, but it hasn’t always been that way. Change takes time.

Bred by a colonized patriarchal system that profits off our oppression, this bigotry often seeps into the social media world.

We’re shadow-banned for talking about sex and sexuality, celebrating our bodies, having bodies outside of typical societal standards, discussing equality and addressing injustice, loving who we love, loving ourselves, being ourselves. 

Hate speech, homophobia, & racism is often disregarded, while the very basis of WHO WE ARE "violates guidelines".

There’s a tendency for corporations to capitalize on the things they shame and oppress us for. This includes only “supporting” LGBTQIA+ folx during times like Pride, using the celebration of our identities as a way to make money. Then they quietly sink back and do nothing to protect our community. 

Not us. Pride isn’t a yearly parade for us. It’s who we ARE. It’s every moment of our lives.  

We advocate for and aim to create change, safe spaces, & an equal, compassionate world free of discrimination. This includes a commitment to personal growth and evolution.

Change starts within. Decolonizing is a willingness to be uncomfortable.

We're committed to doing the work, advocating for LGBTQIA+ rights, & embodying what Pride truly means.


Pride means standing for what's right & focusing on creating a safe world for all. 

This is how Pride Marketplace was birthed into existence.

Thanks for being here for the genderfluid birth celebration!

CEO of Cannapride, Tara Caruso (she/her) has been a chef for 16 years with a passion for cannabis since age 14. Sick of being told no and met with bias at farmer's markets, she decided to create her own virtual one that's accessible for everyone. An advocate, CBD and cannabis have also been great personal aids for her ADHD & personal healing. She truly believes CBD can change the lives of so many kids & adults if used properly with a balanced diet of whole foods, fruits, and veggies. A Cancer with a big heart, Tara loves a good laugh & spending time in nature. IG: @cannapridelifestyle

CEO of Cannapride, Kayla Caruso (she/her) is also a model, entrepreneur, and musician. She focuses on womxn empowerment, body acceptance & celebration, overcoming stigmas & oppression, inspiring others, self-love, inner growth, self-care, and the beauty of diversity. A cannabis advocate, she appreciates nature and the medicine it provides. She loves to read, always with a preference for being educated and helping educate others. She wants to build others up, and show them how to do the same lovingly. "Live it, Rest, & Always Create." IG: @queenkaylabrea

Owner of Vishuddha Vision, Erica DeLoach (she/they) is an intuitive empath witch of many trades: a certified massage therapist & bodyworker, E-RYT, voice coach, clinical herbalist, performing artist, social media manager, writer, & content creator. She shares tools for fearless communication, trauma-informed recovery, chronic illness management, nervous system regulation, sensuality & pleasure reclamation, & somatic healing with an emphasis on the mind-body-spirit-voice union. A cannabis educator & consultant, she's benefitted tremendously from the plant & helps guide others on their medicine journeys. She is dedicated to dismantling a colonized patriarchy & creating safe spaces for self-expression. Her calling is to help others connect with their voice & channel their truth. IG: @vishuddhavision