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Boycott Shitty Weed is a movement. Be blunt without compromising creativity. The synergy between cannabis, music, & fashion is a force to be reckoned with in the American culture. Our community’s made of high-achieving, ambitions creatives with a knack for self-expression and a proactive spirit to be catalyst for change, not only for the plant itself, but for underrepresented communities such as women, advocates, entrepreneurs, and military veterans. Forward thinkers who recognize high quality cannabis heals. We take a stand & pride in making a subtle yet loud statement about living our best life unapologetically. Offering canna education & advocacy, and apparel such as T-shirts, hoodies, hats, pillows, & more. Creator: JM Balbuena. San Diego, CA.



Lesbian-owned hemoji & education company with a passion for self-care & community synergy. Third-party lab tested & professionally-formulated CBD pain creams, topicals, oils, tinctures, edibles, full-spectrum hemp, face scrubs, clothing, education, free consultations, and more. San Diego, CA.
Canna Vibezz LLC is a Black Woman, Multiple Sclerosis Warrior, Queer-Owned business by Joy, promoting Peace, Humor, Knowledge, & Unity in the Cannabis Community. A cannabis educator, content creator, & video editor, Joy offers virtual services & a variety of products for the canna lover! Her intention is to spread love through her products, creations & education, collaborate with more Black-owned businesses, & uplift people in our community. “We all can eat. We’re are powerful as one. Canna Vibezz Loves Everyone.”

Dew Drop Delights is an edibles company started in 2018 by long-time cannabis enthusiasts, advocates, and sisters, Olivia & Jennifer. Features the "Wake and Baked Bar", a breakfast bar made of oats, nuts, dried fruit, chocolate, and infused coconut oil. Long Beach, CA.



Be an alien among humans. All your earthly needs are here.” The Existential Alien is created by @starrsmokes_ & carries NovaBearStudio products, including bowl & banger holders, ashtrays, incense holders, jewelry dishes, & galactic jewelry. For all your stoner needs, weird goodness, & astral accessories, The Existential Alien connects you with your cosmic Self by meeting your earthly needs, helping elevate you to your celestial nature. “Come for the art, stay for the weird.”

Grassed.Roots was developed by three cannabis industry ladies who saw a gap in the education and quality of CBD being circulated. They teamed up with conscious brands, creating highly vetted CBD subscription sample boxes to provide people a gateway into the world of CBD.​ Their mission is to educate the public about CBD while providing extremely high-quality, third-party tested product samples so customers can find what works for them. Las Vegas, NV.

Founded by long-time chef Angie Willoughby, The Green Baker LLC is a black-owned, woman-owned business that offers hemp infusions, edibles, canna education, & cooking classes. Delicious and sometimes unexpected foods infused with full plant power. Palm Beach, FL.
Highly Flavored Infusions is owned by Chef Steph, a self-taught chef who specializes in cannabis-infused foods & drinks. Her intention is to create food that tastes, looks, & feels good. She aims to highlight the intimate, joyful, and safe practices of cannabis in cooking & growing. She offers infused & non-infused catering, delivery, edibles, & oils! Out of state shipping available WA & virtual.

Space Cadet Cannabis Edibles is owned by Danielle: a shamanic witch, content creator & creative artist, private chef, brand business owner of virtual teacher (cooking and cannabis), intimacy coach, model, erotic artist, medical cannabis patient & advocate, and more. Offerings include catering, infused & non-infused edibles, custom merchandise & content creation, & more. San Diego, CA.

StashCentral is your one-stop-shop for cute stash jars! Founded by compassionate canna advocate & chronic illness fighter @thegreenluvr, Valerie’s goal as a new artist is to create unique pieces for each of her customers that are stylish and make them smile. Boston, MA.

Stoned Fusion is a cannabis cafe and bakery that also offers non-infused products. We use organic and premium ingredients with high vibrations in the creation of our products. We believe food is our medicine and by using the best of nature, we create healing. Our goal is also that every product our client experiences gives them the intentional positive experience they desire. Philadelphia, PA.

Trannabis Chi welcomes ALL bodies & ALL abilities to heal as a community by combining the practices of T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, and cannabis. No two Trannabis Chi sessions are exactly the same. The forms are traditional & though there are many we use throughout the same classes, the experiences change each time. There’s always new intentions, affirmations, and people. This is a growing community of people who want to heal not only alone, but together and within the universe, one filled with cannabis. A community for ALL bodies and ALL abilities.

The Vagina Cannalouges was founded by Britt Francis & Angie Willoughby. They wanted to create an educational, communal, supportive environment for womxn & LGBTQIA folks to feel vulnerable enough to speak & share about their individual cannabis use, using the space to offer upscale, grown conversations around the plant. Looking out at the landscape of events being offered and catered to our demographic they were sad to see that there wasn't any quality content being innovated to engage the LGBTQIA communities besides tables at pride and for womxn there was only the heavily influenced "bro" culture events in the landscape. Brit and Angie wanted to create that inclusive, sexy space where loving the plant also meant talking openly & freely about how we use it & our struggles.

Vishuddha Vision is owned by Erica, a trauma-informed E-RYT 200, certified massage therapist, clinical herbalist, cannabis educator, & voice teacher. They help guide others on their plant medicine journeys with an emphasis on chronic illness management, trauma recovery, anxiety, endometriosis, & autoimmune diseases. Also offers bodywork, massage therapy, voice coaching, yoga, breathwork, guided meditation, tools for nervous system regulation/somatic healing, sensual & pleasure embodiment, customized blogs & articles, consultations (cannabis, bodywork, nutrition, herbalism, intuitive empathy), personalized herbalism, content creation, social media management, tarot, & canna creativity. Chicago, IL.