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Lesbian-owned CBD & education company with a passion for self-care & community synergy. Third-party lab tested CBD pain creams, topicals, oils, tinctures, edibles, full-spectrum hemp, face scrubs, clothing, education, free consultations, and more. San Diego, CA.

Conjure & Charm is owned by Aeryn, a healer who offers tarot/oracle readings, essential oil roll-ons, full moon magick, & slow steep bath tea bags, manifestation magick, and specializes in The Foreign Exchange Market. They focus on manifesting wealth and rebuilding black wall street - both online and offline - utilizing the world’s largest and most liquid Financial Market - The Foreign Exchange Market. They work with Master Traders & educators that teach customers how to trade, become profitable in the market, and provide access to tools & live trading to help you earn while you learn.

Grassed.Roots was developed by three cannabis industry ladies who saw a gap in the education and quality of CBD being circulated. They teamed up with conscious brands, creating highly vetted CBD subscription sample boxes to provide people a gateway into the world of CBD.​ Their mission is to educate the public about CBD while providing extremely high-quality, third-party tested product samples so customers can find what works for them. Las Vegas, NV.

Certified in yoga, meditation, reiki, holistic energy, Meg is a theatre & healing artist who offers integrative healing, reiki & energy healing, yoga, grief healing, aromatherapy, reiki teacher certifications, & more. An ever-evolving & expanding Healing Artist, Meg’s work takes many forms. Weaving healing practices & artistic expression, she’s devoted her life to healing the Self as a path to healing the collective. She looks forward to working with all those who are ready to heal - heart to heart, soul to soul, being to being. New Orleans, LA.

SD Inclusive is run by Reyna, a licensed massage therapist & bodyworker who offers comprehensive massage therapy and gentle therapies for symptom relief + support for depression & anxiety. Services include but aren’t limited to: full-body massages, Reiki, hot stone massages, cupping, foot soaks & scrubs, and energy work. San Diego, CA.


Natural & unique health and beauty products handcrafted with thoughtfulness, intention, & love owned by Kara Cross, who identifies as bisexual & began this journey after becoming sober & surgery recovery. Custom arts, crafts, soaps, bath bombs, CBD products, knitting, sewing, candles, dog treats, and more. Committed to natural living, connection, nature, & beauty. San Diego, CA.

Trannabis Chi welcomes ALL bodies & ALL abilities to heal as a community by combining the practices of T'ai Chi, Qi Gong, and cannabis. No two Trannabis Chi sessions are exactly the same. The forms are traditional and though there are many we use throughout the same classes, the experiences change each time. There’s always new intentions, affirmations, and people. This is a growing community of people who want to heal not only alone, but together and within the universe, one filled with cannabis. A community for ALL bodies and ALL abilities.

Vishuddha Vision is owned by Erica, a trauma-informed E-RYT 200, certified massage therapist, clinical herbalist, cannabis educator, & voice teacher. She helps others channel their truth and guides them on their healing & plant medicine journeys. With an emphasis on chronic illness management, trauma recovery, anxiety, endometriosis, & autoimmune diseases. They offer bodywork, massage therapy, voice coaching, yoga, breath work, guided meditation, performer & theatrical coaching (dialects, acting, singing, text work, dramaturgy), vocal injury recovery, somatic healing, nervous system regulation, sensual healing & pleasure activist tools, tarot, intuitive empathy, customized blogs, consultations, personalized herbalism, conscious content creation, and social media management. Chicago, IL.