Here you'll find a continually-updating list of QBIPOC organizations to support, donate to, and invest in.

The LGBTQIA+ community cannot celebrate Pride without speaking up against systemic injustice.

Pride began as a protest.

Pride means standing for what's right & focusing on creating a safe world where basic human rights aren't infringed upon.

Education & investing time into decolonizing ourselves is an every day effort - before this revolution & long after.

Please email us if you'd like to add to this collective list! We grow together.


  • (F)empower Community Bond Fund: queer feminist organization whose funds go towards posting bond for those who can’t afford it. Website:
  • Black Trans Travel Fund: pays for private car rides for Black trans women in NY & NJ so they have access to safe transportation. Website:
  • For the Gworls: assists Black trans folks with rent and affirmative surgery. IG: @forthegworls
  • The Okra Project: seeks to address the global crisis faced by Black Trans people by providing home-cooked, culturally-specific meals, & resources to Black trans people. Also funds The Nina Pop Mental and Tony McDade Health Recovery Funds: an emergency mutual aid fund that pays for one-time mental health therapy sessions with licensed Black trans therapists. Website:
  • G.L.I.T.S.: provides housing for Black trans people recently released from Rikers island and other resources for transgender sex workers’ needs, health, housing, and safety. Website:
  • Queer BIPOC Mental Health Counseling Fund: free mental health services for queer, black indigenous, and POC folks. Website:
  • Lysistrata: an online-based, community-run sex worker mutual care collective. Fights against industry exploitation & emphasizes that sex work is work. Provides financial assistance to marginalized community members struggling due to illness, injury, homelessness, wrongful arrest/incarceration, unstable or abusive working conditions, domestic violence, discrimination, & other factors affecting their ability to live. Website:
  • Black LGBTQIA + Migrant Project (BLMP): provides cash assistance to Black LGBTQ migrants and first generation people dealing with COVID-19 impacts. Website:
  • Black Trans Femmes in the Arts: collective of Black trans women nd nobinary femmes creating space for Black trans femmes in the arts. IG: @btfacollective
  • Spicy Zine: A collective led by women of color and queer/trans people of color working at the intersection of art, organizing, and publishing. Dedicated to dismantling all patriarchal/colonialist/capitalist systems that are punitive and harmful to people & planet. Website: 
  • Bklyn Boi Hood: Queer and trans bois of color who create spaces for Black, brown queer and trans bois & communities can cultivate stories, dreams and creative work. Website:
  • Brave Space Alliance: Black-led, trans-led LGBTQ center on the South Side of Chicago. Website:
  • Femmepremacy: NYC QTPOC event space centering Black femmes IG: @femmepremacy
  • LGBTQ+ Freedom Fund: posts bail to secure safety and liberty of LGBT people in jail & immigration detention and raises awareness of epidemic of LGBTQ overincarceration. Website:
  • Trans Justice Funding Project: community-led grassroots, trans justice group-run by and for trans people. Website:
  • Black Visions Collective: Black, trans, queer-led organization committed to dismantling oppressive systems, violence, and creating long-term change. Website:
  • The Marsha P. Johnson Institute: advocates for the rights of Black transgender people and creating intentional community for healing, developing transformative leadership, & promoting collective power. Website:
  • Center for Black Equity: supports leaders, institutions, & programs for health, economic, and social equity for Black LGBTQ people. Website:
  • National Black Justice Coalition: civil rights organization empowering Black LGBTQ people and those living with HIV AIDS. Committed to ending racism and stigma towards LGTBQIA+ community. Website:
  • Black Queer and Intersectional Collective: grassroots community organization working towards the liberation of Black queer, trans, & intersex people through direct action, community organizing, education, & creating spaces to uplift their voices. Website: 
  • East Africa Trans Health and Advocacy Network: network of trans, diverse activists and organizations in East Africa Website:
  • Trans Women of Color Collective: national organizing collective led by trans women of color created to uplift the narratives, leadership, & lived experience of trans folks of color. Website:
  • Black Transmen Inc: nonprofit empowering Black trans men & addressing issues related to race, sexual orientation, and gender identity. Website:
  • Homeless Black Trans Women Fund: provides save housing, food, and living expenses for Black trans women in Atlanta who are sex workers and/or homeless. Website:
  • House of GG: creates safe spaces, programs, services, and resources that positively impact the lives, history, and visibility of the Black trans community, transgender, gender-questioning, and gender-nonconforming people. Website:
  • Sisters PGH: Black trans-led center providing support & emergency shelter for trans and non-binary people in Pittsburg. Website:
  • Mazzoni Center: dedicated to providing quality comprehensive health & wellness services in an LGBTQ-focused environment, while preserving the dignity & improving their quality of life. Website:
  • Colours Organization: provides community building, health, & wellness services to the Black LGBT community in Philadelphia since 1991. Website:
  • Youth Breakout: seeks to end criminalization of LGBTQIA+ & questioning youth to build a safer, just New Orleans. They build on the rich cultural tradition of resistance in the South to build the power of LGBTQ youth ages 13-25 and directly impacted by the criminal justice system through youth organizing, healing justice, & leadership development programs. Website:
  • Snap Co: peer-led designed programs grounded in a Black Trans Futurist Framework for Practical Abolition. political education, embodied leadership practices, & transformative campaigns that support the development of trans leadership in Atlanta & Black liberation. Website:
  • Black AIDS Institute: capacity building, mobilization, policy, & advocacy efforts from Black leaders & communities across the country to provide high quality direct HIV services & linkage to care to Black people. Deeply committed to exposing the systems & roots of oppression used around the world and in the US to particularly marginalize Black people as a whole. Revolutionizing the HIV service industry to center & uplift Black experiences to allow them to live their fullest, healthiest lives with dignity, care, & respect. Website:
  • Fund for SD Queer Black Housing: housing for Black queers in need of immediate safe housing in San Diego, CA. IG: @sdblackqueerhousing
  • Princess Janae Place: provides housing referrals for chronically homeless LGBTQ adults in NY tri-state area, emphasizing Trans/GNC people of color. Website:
  • Transgender Law Center: changes laws & policies so all people can live safely and free from discrimination regardless of gender identity/expression. Website:
  • Queer the Land: collaborative project focused on creating a movement-building space to generate income and be a political hub for QTBIPOC & community organizing. Website:
  • The Heavenly Angel Fund: pays for car rides of Black transgender women to get tested for COVID-19 & care packages for Black trans women who have been tested for the virus. Website:
  • FIERCE: LGBTQ youth of color-led organization building leadership, political consciousness, & skills of LGBTQ youth by organizing campaigns to fight police harassment & violence, and increase access to safe LGBTQ public space. Website:
  • Sylvia Rivera Law Project: organization focused on making sure all people are free to determine their gender identity/expression without harassment or discrimination. Website:
  • National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network: healing justice organization transforming mental health for queer and trans POC. Website:
Thank you to all of these incredible organizations and everything you do.
Thank you to @glitchedzine, @titwillo, @gaytimes, @annika.izora, @aidanwharton, and all those who collectively put together and shared these resources to help dismantle a decolonized, truly-free society.